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Cold Buffet Menu Displays

Having a meeting or hosting a training session?  Why not let Jerky Fridays take care of the Cold Buffet.

Sandwiches: Chicken Salad

Sandwiches: Tuna Mayonnnaise

Sandwiches: Cheese & Tomato

Sandwiches: Cheese & Pickle

Sandwiches: Turkey

Sandwiches: Prawn Mayonnaise

Rolls: Cheese & Tomato

Rolls: Tuna Mayonnaise

Rolls: Chicken & Tomato  / Cheese & Tomato

Cheese Rolls & Quiche

Cheese & Onion Rolls

Wraps: Sweet Chilli

Mini Quiche: Lorraine

Mini Quiche: Cheese, Onion & Chives

Mini Quiche: Stilton & Brocolli

Crisps: Ready Salted

Mini Beadsticks & Homous


Quiche & Cheese & Onion Rolls

Salad: Pasta

Salad: Mixed Green with Oranges

Salad: Mixed Green

Salad: Mixed Green

Mixed  Olives & Feta Cheese

Buffet Display

Buffet Display

Buffet Display

Buffet Display

Fruit Bowl