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Cooking Demonstartion @ Crystal Palace Food Market

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Demonstration Client Feedback

Patsy was confident and relaxed keeping everyone interested even when there were some unexpected hitches. I believe it was here first time demonstrating, well done! The dumplings were fantastic and looked easy to make. It was so nice to be able to taste all of the food at the end of the session. It was interesting to learn how to cook saltfish because it turns up in so many cultures. I have eaten ackee before but I didn't know it was a fruit. Patsy's demo was fun and she told you how you could adapt aspects to suit yourself, I learnt a lot.

Patsy used easy to buy and cheap items and transformed them into really delicious Caribbean food, which we got a chance to taste. She made it really easy to follow and fun.

Patsy's workshop was informal and informative. Her natural style made following the instructions really easy and the finished dishes were all delicious!

"I thoroughly enjoyed Patsys' cooking demonstration and was very impressed by the speed in which she was able to produce so many delicious dishes. I'm looking forward to tasting more of her food through her pop up evenings. Thanks Joe and Transition Town for organising another successful community event, please don't ever stop as my family and I love the work that you do".

Fun, friendly, delicious workshop – lots of ideas to take away. Definitely would go again. Thank you !


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